Techno Tip #3: Restoring a Lost Volume Control System Tray Icon

Occasionally, things just seem to disappear.  Now this tip won’t help you find the socks that went missing in your dryer, but if you’ve lost the volume control icon that usually appears in your system tray it could be just what you need.  It’s not a common problem, but I’ve had at least one client come to me with this.  Researching the solution told me she wasn’t the only one experiencing the problem.

So if you wake up one day and can’t find your volume control system tray icon, don’t call the police with a “missing icon report”.  Here are a couple things you can do to help it find its way home:

Step 1:

a. You may right click in the task bar near the time display and you will get a popup menu.
b. Click on properties.
c. Under behavior of system icons select ON for volume icon to always show.
d. Click OK.

You may also refer to the below link for assistance –

Step 2:

If the above step assists you get the volume icon back then I would suggest you to restart the computer and check again. If the issue reoccurs you may refer to the link below and use the “fix it” or the steps provided to resolve the issue then check:

“System icons do not appear in the notification area in Windows Vista or in Windows 7 until you restart the computer” –

You might also try:


If you have questions or need help with this process, please contact me.

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